Sunday, October 09, 2016

./sprdo && ./sprck

Bon, ç'aurait dû être un post illustré avec Bouli en train de déplacer des morceaux de code et de trancher des dépendances foireuses "comme dans un donjon de Zelda" avant de découvrir dans un coffre le nouvel objet ultime (en forme de grappin) pour aller explorer plus loin dans le code et vaincre le Bug Final.

Mais bon j'ai trouvé suffisamment de mini-bugs avec les deux premiers tests (effacer une page de sprites ou copier un page de sprites) pour m'occuper pour ce week-end.

Maybe I'll eventually illustrate this with Bouli-the-Hero crawling into the Dungeon of Technical Debt, moving blocks of code to separate model from view/controller, attacked by unneeded dependencies as he tries to get his hands on the Unittest Fairies Hookshot, which is mandatory to access the Bug's Lair.

But I'm already deeper into that dungeon, in epic (?) fight against mini-Bugs and trying to collect as many small keys as I can to get hints that will hopefully allow me to solve the dungeon's ridle.

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Sylvain Pypebros said...

will work better if we have a mode for sprck that exits with failure when file was found having issues (e.g. when no second argument was given),

which requires to update SpriteSet so that corrected errors (if any) are counted and sprck in --pedantic mode could exit(2) to signify the issue to overlord script.