Friday, June 01, 2012

fixing SEDS ...

(Flickr photo by amaky)
A blog is suppose to bring in updates, and yet after 6 years, I keep updating some posts again and again as the situation evolves. It happened again, I'm afraid.

So to keep you updated, I managed to fix the school spriteset using an upgraded version of SEDS. Spongebop now moves along and chase Bilou like a berrybat because I merely renamed "berrybat.cmd" into "spons.cmd" and then adjusted the animation statements :P

It turned out that most of the things I initially planned as "regression tests" for the editor trivially worked because they didn't care which SpriteRam they were working with... Yet many other things have been identified as broken/misbehaving, and will be fixed in the near future, but only after the revised SEDS is merged back on the trunk... and that will be after I'm back from my next conference. I'll allow myself the right to make SpongeBop behave as it should first, build up a proper animation for Bilou's walk and even to revise the pixel art for inkjet so that it indeed deserves the word "art" :P

Oh, mais oui, chers lecteurs francophones, merci à vous de rester là malgré mon emploi du temps surchargé qui me pousse à faire des posts monolingue pour l'instant.

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