Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Parce que je vais re-travailler AnimEDS pour éviter les pertes de données, et que pour ça, je dois utiliser plus largement ABXY et un peu moins L et R, voilà un petit pense-bête de leur emplacement sur desmume-cli... quand on a un clavier AZERTY.

I'd really be happy if people using QWERTY keyboard around the world and developing e.g. games or emulators could take note that other keyboards also exists. Playing Doukutsu, Frogatto or Iconoclasts with W and Z swapped or Q and A swapped is a pain. It's obvious desmume-cli was also targetted at QWERTY given that if I swap things, I fall back to a "logical" layout with A nexto B, X nexto Y and L nexto R. But I have an AZERTY keyboard, hence the cheat sheet.

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