Friday, January 03, 2014

Fixme list

"Don't Repeat Yourself" supported.
The few feedback I got for the "upgraded" school zone level provide some fairly interesting hint: some gameplay features will not be properly managed by players unless they're sufficiently pure. Give any reason for the player to believe that holding B could let him run and he'll fail to discover that he's got to hold R for that to work. So to get pure gameplay in Bilou, I still need:
  • [blador:ok] Introduce monsters/ink interaction
  • [MEDS] Dedicated animation when Bilou picks up something
  • [done] Never "randomly start running", no longer run-on-turn-back, only run-on-land when one had running speed in the air.
  • [done] no invisible ceiling to kill your jumps.
  • [done] visual clue to tell whether you'll bounce or not.
  • [done] visual clue that chalk may break when sufficiently stressed.
  • [wish, D.I.P] bouncy-idle-sponge vs. low-bounce-swinging-bops.
  • [patch] HUD with life meter. (and speed meter ?)
  • [wish, adventure] visual hint for dead ends (?)
(old) non-symbolic gobscript
All this (and further introduction of power-up with more conditional state

(new) symbolic gobscript
transitions) will require more work on the state machine for Bilou which is already fairly complex (32 states, 170 transitions 0_0). I don't want to make the parser smarter on the DS side (e.g. I still don't want symbol tables or function definitions) but it's truly time I adapt the Makefiles so that e.g. GCC's pre-processor can be used to produce the "compiled" state machine out of more symbolic description.

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Sylvain Pypebros said...

Ink currently has a block type (2002) that make it ignore monsters (that would be either 1002 or 3002). Some automated tool to replace block types on a given map would be welcome.