Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It surely ~vibes~!

Well, after three days working on my paper for that PRESTO workshop and visiting the "batibouw" (kitchen, showers, solar boilers ...) i was hardly needing a coding intermission. So after a nice cooking-time this evening, i picked up DS, laptop and headphones and gave vibratos a try... The hardest time was to get rid of a bug that prevented some instruments to get played, and i may not have found the exact multipliers, but dudes, let me tell you one thing: it surely ~vibes~ here.

There is only support for sine waveform atm (which is the most used anyway), and it looks like i'll have a hard time adding support for the "volume-column effects", which many trackers have been using instead of ProTracker combo effects.

Salut les poteaux. Bon, après trois jours sur mon article pour PRESTO et la visite du salon "Batibouw", j'avais vraiment besoin de souffler un peu... Alors j'ai repris mon player XM et j'ai ajouté le support du vibrato, pour rigoler. Bon, je n'ai peut-être pas encore les bons règlages sur la vitesse et l'amplitude des vagues, mais je peux vous garantir une chose,: ça ~vibre~ bien.

Oh, au passage, vous remarquerez que j'ai repris les petits smileys faits en collaboration avec Junkboy pour illustrer cette rubrique. J'espère que vous aimez ^_^

edit: Hmm. I might have found what's going wrong with all the effects. ProTracker effects (and i guess, their XM derivatives) are only supposed to be executed on non-row ticks. At least, that's the case for volume slide and portamento to note, and that explains many if (tick==0) return; in libmikmod's code. This is not the way libntxm works atm, so i may need to check out previous stuff in HandleTickEffects() ...

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