Saturday, April 11, 2009

Refactoring again...

Well, once again, i'm refactoring the code of my game engine, as suggested in this earlier post ... Though i already have to revise some of those proposals: iGobPubstate is not clean object-oriented approach and causes more trouble than solution for the rest of the stuffs.

Meanwhile, i've updated a former post about collision detection on slopes with a review of how a selection of popular side-scrolling platformers handle such slopes, both technically and gameplay-wise.

And while reading the Frequently Questionned Anwsers about C++, it reminds me that most of these late refactoring things doesn't come from the fact that i hesitate on how things should be done, but rather how work should be delegated to the different classes. I'm certainly not a C++ guru, and the whole SEDS/GEDS project is also an attempt to get more familiar with C++ (though i deliberately avoid templates and friends so far).

Well, at least i'm not throwing all my energy into Yet Another LinkedList/HashTable/AvlTree library :P

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