Saturday, December 31, 2005

Mario (t.a.g.)

Yep, I mean the mustachied one.

At first, I had in mind not to create a "Mario" tag (nor any tag for Nintendo or any third-party character). If a reader would have liked to read "all references to Mario" on this blog, the search feature is there.

However, with the time, it turned out that the Super Mario series is an inevitable reference point in the design of Bilou's adventure. So a Mario tag appeared nonetheless to collect all those comparisons.

Similar tags were then introduced for other key reference games such as Rayman, Sonic and Keen Commander or Fury of the Furries or even Rick Dangerous.

Other reference points are picked more occasionally, such as games from Titus Interactive, Kirby or WayForward (Shantae). For these, I'm afraid you'll still have to rely on the search feature of the online blog.

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