Sunday, March 29, 2015

BigPunch, 3rd try.

Second try was based on track(Bilou), but it was ridiculously non-working. Picture big punches flying around, chasing Bilou like berry bats... No. Really not. I dropped the code-driven approaches, made an animation of Bilou punching the ground, then erased the punch for the last frames and synchronized the apparation of a punch object when it disappears from the animation. That way, the punch can pound to the ground even when the ground is lower than Bilou's feet level.

La troisième est la bonne. Voilà un coup de poing qui passe plutôt bien. Pas comme la tentative pathétique d'adapter le comportement des berry bats pour que ça tourne comme un coup de poing autour de Bilou.

edit: 30/3: fixed flickering glitch

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