Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some bugfixes in progress

After a couple of days checking the stats, I opened the editors again. I wanted to experiment alternative collisions for Spongebop and improve the readability when falling down. I updated camera control so that UP/DOWN DPAD directions can be used to adapt camera (that was quite simple)

I think I tracked down an unpredictible crash on level loading. The crash only occured when reseting the level just after some droplets (the only object that turns into nil) gets deleted. Engine::delanim() should remove the object from the deleteme list in that case, not from the todo list. I also fixed another potential source of silent random crash linked to the lack of dedicated "you're dead / level clear" tracks :P .

Allez, quelques petites modif's avant d'aller au lit. Le nouveau comportement des collisions avec l'éponge, pour commencer, suivi d'une meilleure gestion de la caméra pendant les chutes (Morukutsu appréciera ;) puis la possibilité de regarder en haut et en bas quand on est à l'arrêt ... c'est toujours sympa, dans un jeu d'exploration.

J'ai du débugging sur la planche, aussi. Certains effets de glissés de la musique ne passent pas, les notes en questions restant du coup silencieuses et une sorte de condition de course logicielle pouvait planter la console si on avait le malheur de changer de niveau juste après qu'une goutte d'encre n'ait été retirée (à quoi ça tient, quand-même!)

I could also point out that the inconsistences in the music comes from module effects to be ignored. They should explicitly be supported! that's a task for ddd and --arm7gdb=7777 ... As soon as I got that sorted out and get the confirmation by early downloaders that the game can be launched, I'll post a fix.

All this reminds me, of course, of the "last minute panic" I got when I tried to enable throw-bladors-anytime (3 days before the release) and observed  curious effects: parsing the second level would then corrupt memory (most likely) and make the level loading impossible. On one of my machine, that made the std::map that holds BlockInfo to have an invalid pointer.
Hopefully, once that bug turned "stable", identifying the root cause was a mere "sherlock holmes game": list all the possible causes for one more state transition to corrupt memory, rule out those that are incompatible with the observed behaviour and you get pointed at a "owned" bitfield that has incoherent value (and still rules which transitions are deleted when).

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