Friday, October 18, 2013

9-18 days late

Oct. 9
That's it! level map is complete, monsters are placed and they behave as expected. I have two more "special blocks" to define for horizontal pencil spikes (83) and level exit (21). We can break through the "pencil barrier" that lays between the upper and the lower part of the level. Pencils are not the best item here, but I haven't found something that would make more sense. Maybe something made of glass ?

Now the focus shall be on the glu code that will make SchoolTest being more than a test, but something that looks like a playable level.
Oct. 12

Don't expect anything before 16th of October: IRL interference. However, the welcome screen is now ready, and I have good basis to invite you to progress in the level :) If only those ink droplets could be made more ... visible...
... moving some ground tiles on the BG layer, maybe ?

Oct. 15

Final touches here and there to make sure there is no hidden trap or non-working bonus. Rewards picture render better and ***drumroll*** I gave the soundtrack a first (successful) test. You should get a release end of the week.

Oct. 17
Fixed a "last minute panic" bug, allowed Bilou to throw Bladors even when jumping or walking and reverted bonus to latin script. I'd say it is mostly done. I'm essentially waiting for CJ's (or Πk's) soundtrack... and I still have to realize the "howto" background to explain how to grab and jump etc.

You may expect the release to take place this week-end ^_^

Oct. 18

Everything you need to know gathered on the welcome screen. The rest is to be learned by playing. I hope that doesn't make it too cluttered.

Meanwhile, my brother sent me a nice tune to populate the soundscape. I'll integrate that and release tomorrow.

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