Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Toolset and MonsterPropWindow

I've got less free-reading time during my vacation this time, and likely, I should be not blogging right now, but cleaning up all the mess that going to vulcan(eifel) and back brought to the house. When I did get some time, I spent it clarifying some obscure parts of my Level Editor which puzzled me when I initially tried to add some additional monster edition features, like being able to decide within LEDs whether a given game object belongs to the 'hero' cast, the 'evil' cast or none of them.

I refactored a few things to make that possible already and I hope I'll get some time to continue working on it within the upcoming days.

I also took some time documenting one of the more elaborate (but arcane) widget that I might have to use to do that: the 'ToolSet' meta-widget, which is truly a bunch of buttons hacked to behave like the typical radiobuttons of point-and-click GUIs.

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