Tuesday, June 25, 2019

couldn't list the directory.

For some reason, recent desmume (0.9.11) shipped with my Ubuntu distro cannot list files in directories passed as --cflash-path.
and this time, my 'old version' of desmume binaries are 32-bit while the system is running a 64-bit OS. I had multiarch-support package installed, but not libc6:i386, nor libstdc++6:i386, and as a result, and I just had a weird message about the 'file not being found', while it was obviously there. Once those core packages had been installed, I got more coder-friendly error messages mentioning which library was missing, so I could just find the corresponding package with apt-file and install e.g. libsdl1.2debian:i386, libglib2.0-0:i386 and the like.

And eventually, I could run a copy of desmume-cli so old that --version isn't even supported :P 0.9.6 svnr3873 dev+, it says. And that one granted me with proper file loading, so I'll be able to investigate whether my edits on the extended monsters editions are OK or not ... next time.

(and no, this time adding --load-type=1 did not help)
(bug confirmed with filesystem/libfat/libfatdir example from devkitpro)

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