Monday, October 22, 2018

Showing the score

If I want to have a "leader board" shown in the game won / game over screens, it would be nice too if the player can have a look at her performance. My idea is that you're evaluated either on the distance you covered (when game over) or on the time you took to beat the game (when congratulated). A good time to report that to the player is when we're loading the level, but by then the screen settings are fairly locked.

It looks however, that if I hack the 'window control register' WIN_OUT while we're updating the picture shown on the bottom screen, I could use sprites on the top screen to render some digits without messing up with the scene setup. That's only part of the solution (I'll also need some tiles with digits, which I haven't in the sprites tileset atm), but it's better than nothing.

And it looks like I should be able to use the last 16 tiles of the spriteset to put some 8x8 digits font... We'll see that some tomorrow.

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