Thursday, January 19, 2012

Countless Great Designs

Petite pépite que je renseigne à l'intention d'armitage, en espérant qu'il trouve souvent ce qu'il cherche quand ses scéances de google le font atterir sur la planète Bilou: le générateur ultime d'entropie ... le test de Rorschack (toute ressemblance avec un nom existant est un pur coup de bol ;) version Pixel art.

Trouvé sur wayofthepixel, bien sûr ... mais où, ça ...

I have to call for your scientific forgiveness, although I find myself unable to \cite{my-sources} correctly this time. It's just a too marvellous tool that was presented on wayofthepixel. I just can't let it rest in the shadow for longer: behold the Rorschak test for pixel artists ... the ultimate inspiration generator that randomly fills a sprite sheet with monocrhomatic (and usually symmetric) pixels. What you see in here will only depend on who you are. I do see countless great design, and also a first step towards space-invaders-meeting-netcraft ^_^

And if you still don't see anything, click the picture and you'll get another sheet for you to play.

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PypeBros said...

d'ailleurs, si je commençais le développemment Android demain, je prendrais probablement ça comme point de départ.