Sunday, August 18, 2019

Starting a new world/level

Starting to work on a new level should be a trivial task in a game making tool. Unfortunately, this is far from being the case in Game Editors for DS, and especially in LEDS. I got this sorted out with text editing on the PC in almost every previous iteration, but now I'd like to have the tools level-up and be able to assist the game designer through this task
[done] the level editor seems unable to change the tileset of the level. At best, it is replaced by ".spr", which fails to load in the game engine, obviously.
[todo]. there is no way to indicate that the spriteset used for monsters should be changed
[todo]. there is no way to indicate that some state machine description files should be dropped, or that new ones should be used. That should be the job of ImportsWindow, a secondary window to WelcomeWindow.
  [done] : make it know that WelcomeWindow has loaded something.
  [todo2] : think about widgets and cursor to manipulate the captured state.

[todo] make it easier to produce a set of *EDS tool that call each other (e.g. "cube" for those produced by the NUC)

The goal for the last item would be to use the upper screen in "welcome" mode to list all the baddies, now with the file names and the number of states used for them.

At least, the blocking bug is now fixed, although I could have pushed the refactoring deeper 

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PypeBros said...

there is a weird way 'dirname' is used to modify the path used in the level, which makes small filenames dropped because we try to skip the dirname no matter whether it is used as prefix or not.