Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bounce ?

That training level made me realise the issue I had with Bilou's bounce on
land. Quite often, I ended up falling in ink pits because I've landed "hardly" near the edge of a platform, bounce, and fall to my doom. I first thought that I had to make sure the bounce only occurs when falling "from high enough" (thus never occuring when you land back at the height you jumped from), but it's more severe than this.

Rebondir quand on atterit, c'est rigolo. Se voir finir dans une mare d'encre parce qu'on a pas pu l'empêcher, par contre, ça l'est beaucoup moins. Et ça ce produit plus souvent qu'à son tour si j'utilise le comportement "anniversaire" de Bilou dans le nouveau "niveau d'*deline". Je vous propose donc 4 variantes du gameplay avec pas (No), peu (Low) ou beaucoup (Big) de rebonds et éventuellement la possibilité de convertir le rebond en un saut complet en ré-appuyant sur (A) pendant que Bilou fait sa pirouette. Quelle version préférez-vous ?

  • [Big] I could keep it as is and call it a (gameplay) feature
  • [No] I could dismiss bounce altogether, or make it happen only as an "idle" animation (when player is not pushing Bilou forward) 
  • [Low] I could dampen the bounce: make it so that you bounce with a vertical impulse of 200 rather than 400 (800 being the impulse for a full jump
  • [Jump] I could compensate the lack of control during a bounce by granting the player to reuse the "lost 50%" later (e.g. mid-air) in a sort of "double jump".

Which is the one that works the best for you ? download the test suite and vote in the poll. (the [Jump] option is implemented in SchJumpBounce.nds, etc.). See release notes for the anniversary level for "how to play on DS/ emulator".

NB: in "No" and "Jump" at least, you should be able to keep running while holding the R trigger (à la Mario).  In "Low" and "Big", the R trigger makes you run only if you're already walking.


RCramiro said...

The current bouncing implementation (i.e. [BIG]) works well as it is. The only issue I have, though, is that it's hard to tell when a given jump will cause Bilou to bounce. I suggest you provide some sort of visual indication beforehand, à la "Kirby's Dreamland" (if Kirby is shown falling head-first, that means he will bounce when he hits the ground).

P.S. Keep up the good work! This game is really fun!

PypeBros said...

@RCramiro: good point. I'll work on a SpeedLimitController to support that.