Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's get cracking

Okay, hardware is restored, it's now time to merge summer experiments and converge towards a platform for more pixels, more animations, more levels and more monster design experiments ...

  • [done] merge the 'z-order' branch back: it has proved it's a GoodThing
  • [done] 4-palettes LEDS must be backward-compatible with one-palette spritesets
  • [done] make sure we still see the background and monsters in 4-palettes LEDS
  • [done] restore disappeared iprintf (known bug)
  • [done] barebones to update colours on BG layer in LEDS
  • [done] ensure that LEDS runs on real hardware (fix blue screens when loading a .cmd file and when switching to colors mode)
  • [badbuild?] ensure it's still possible to L-pick tiles in draw mode
  • [bug?] need to press select twice in SEDS to enable PaletteWindow ? 
  • [done] something odd happens on SEDS when loading a spriteset while a non-zero palette is currently selected in PaletteWindow (palette #0 overwrites current slot)
  • [workaround] entering sleep mode breaks iPlayer's access to the media card.
  • [done] palette selection in AnimEDS as well
  • [fork] find something better than Window::swap() to structure widgets.
  • [bugfix] ensure that SEDS works in the noswap branch too (currently, it's all black!?)
  • [badbuild?] some widget only display randomly on real hardware
  • decide what to do with left-handed mode
  • [done] ensure I've got all the material to edit/test levels on the DSi (currently, something displays "T.M.A.P" and random tiles on the console, and the level doesn't load). LEDS apparently saved a map file as autoexec.cmd. Needs investigation.
  • [done] allow to work again
  • [wish] make work with swapped (and coloured) tiles too.
  • [done] complete the books tileset so that I can change books size (cf. CyanGmou's mockup).
  • [postponed] fix the landing bug for Bilou
  • [postponed] fix blador.cmd so that bladors can be stunned
  • [now] revamp the School's owl
  • [postponed] draw/animate some pendats
En clair, ça en fait du travail pour se remettre à avancer sur la School zone ... l'objectif, c'est bien sûr plus de souplesse pour construire les niveaux, plus de variétés dans les décors et de nouveaux monstres à développer.

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