Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yellowl and Redowl

I tried again, with the updated SEDS and properly charged battery. I could save a first draft (just the shadow lines), and then when I tried to save my "finished" work, the editor crashed again. That's *really* getting on my nerves, now.
Hopefully enough, I had a real camera powered up and ready-to-shoot just one floor below, this time, so I've shot pictures of my screen and did some Gimp post-processing to try to enhance and restore the picture into something that could be shown or fixed afterwards. I started the owl again, from the 'shadow lines' that were saved, using the version of SEDS I submitted to NEOflash compo. Everything went fine, and I made tons of intermediate saves. Then I thought "oh, well, that should be it for now", and clapped the lid of the DSi. As usual, I then thought of a small last improvement I could do, so I opened the lid, applied the change and tried to save again ... stalled. So this is what goes wrong: I cannot read/write to the SD media card anymore after I put the device in "sleep mode" for a while. And that happens regardless of whether I use the "1.x" or "2.0" version of my GUI engine.

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PypeBros said...

according to the DSi card protocol, software has now control over the VCC and RESET lines of the card. It could be that such a RESET when resuming activity would be enough to let the iplayer support my "suspend" mode.