Saturday, May 23, 2009

parallaxe ... foireux.

Petit test de scrolling parallaxe ce matin (entre vidange du garage et achat de papier peint) qui est encourageant sans vraiment être satisfaisant. C'est ma première tentative de charger plusieurs tilesets différents en mémoire, et je dois maintenant combiner une "infinimap" (dont l'image est modifiée au fil du scroll) avec une "wrapping map" (dont l'image reste fixe mais "tourne en boucle").

Les pommes sur fond blanc témoignent d'une petite réorganisation de la VRAM. J'ai réglé tout ça un peu vite à mon goût et il faudra que je prenne le temps d'ajuster le code pour qu'il fonctionne correctement sans dépendre d'effets curieux du genre "if bg==2 ...".

I wanted to bring the real (parallax) background in my woods this morning, but it didn't came as 'fluently' as i hoped in the code. Things were not quite ready for mixing wrapping maps and large maps, not quite ready either to host several tilesets in vRAM or to load an odd number of colors. I had to put ugly patches here and there to show the feature. A proper way to "split" SpriteRam in several banks is required in the future, as well as a real "WrappingMap" class and an update of the map-related script parsing functions. Well, anyway, even though my camera isn't as neat as Kram's, it's more "sexy" this way than with the dark-red background.

PS: since the demo is now released, now, it's time for a new "todo list", reusing wishes from the former one.

  • [done] have the "level exit" activated when enough apples have been picked.
  • [done] increase homogeneity of collision detections
  • [done] pre-define values when initializing GOBs in script (e.g. set Funghi's counter)
  • [done] blocking ennemies: e.g. you can't pass through Funky
  • [done] bilou can tell whether he has been "hit" by an ennemy or an apple
  • [done] code cleanup : upgradable "block info"
  • [done] register "action on counter back to zero"
  • [think..., done] substrate for "shooting" (dust clouds, stars, etc.)
  • [wish] code cleanup: more states, more anims (array -> maps in GameScript)
  • [wish] support multi-palette environment (by now, i'm just lucky it works fine !) or 16 color backgrounds
  • [wish] provide a cleaner way to have parallax scrolling (and more maps)
  • [done] make sure we can change/end level!
  • [done] add sound fx support
  • [wish] add music selection in the GameScript!
  • [done] loading SpriteSet with odd number of colors properly
  • [done] execute scripts non-interactively in demos.
Note: le parallaxe figurait dans mes "todo list" depuis décembre 2007 quand même ...

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réjouis de voir cela demain