Monday, October 20, 2014

catch this!

A new animation and a good deal of "sprtools" to merge pixels drawn on "lime" DS and animations built on the DSi ... Unfortunately that will not be enough. There's one "dead" moment where you cannot see the "grab-in-the-air" animation whatever you do: when Bilou reaches the top of his jump. The reason is that there's already a "transition animation" running at this time, and that there is no way so far to cancel such an animation for another. I may have to fix that before I can proceed any further: it will likely be very important for super powers.
  • [done] "force" flag to override transition animations
  • [done] make "grab" a dedicated state
  • [done] edit areas directly in AnimEDS
  • [done] import AnimEDS areas in GOB states
  • [done] selectively activate/deactivate areas in AnimEDS

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