Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Okay. Let's say you've downloaded the latest SEDS version and gave it a try. You loved the pixel art you've drawn and hopefully pressed START + R + A to save them on your media card. Then you either transferred them with runme or simply used a media card reader to retrieve them.

SpriteA.spr at the card's root. Most likely to be your drawings. As a matter, it is.

But what are you going to do now with that .spr file that your file explorer doesn't know and that do not open in Graphics Gale, Photoshop or whatever other spriting program you could think of.

If you are a "power user", you may already have
perl installed or find it not that complicated to install. In that case, you're suggested to install the Image::Imlib2 package as well so that you can run conversion script directly on your machine and have your sprites converted in a more user-friendly format.

If you're just a regular user, or if you haven't used SEDS often enough to find it is worth that much installation trouble, you still have an escape route: the brand new online conversion tool that can convert your art into a regular .png file with just the help of a regular web browser. Just select the picture with the "browse ..." button, click "post" and wait a couple of seconds to have the script doing the conversion and replying with the picture.

Have Fun ... i also submitted a "job offer" on sourceforge to find someone willing to write a batch conversion tool for Windows ... wait'n'see.

Costz dit : Mais on peu récup les sprites dans un autre format que le tien ?
Je veux dire y a un convertisseur pour que l'on puisse avoir au final une .png ou .gif ?

Oui, tout à fait. Il y a tout d'abord le script qui, moyennant installation de perl et du module Image::Imlib2, permet de convertir tout ça localement sans soucis.

Et pour ceux qui auraient du mal à installer tout ça sur un Windows (sous linux, c'est juste apt-get install libimage-imlib2-perl), ou qui voudraient tout simplement essayer le sprite editor sans se prendre la tête, j'ai bricolé un convertisseur en ligne: tu uploades ton .spr et tu reçois le .png en échange.

PS: j'ai les sources en Perl du convertisseur et une esquisse du format de données avec le convertisseur en ligne. Je cherche quelqu'un qui connaisse la programmation windows (C, C++, VB, C# : tout est bon) pour écrire un convertisseur "user friendly" pour les wutilisateurs.

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