Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm glad i dropped MSVC++ long time ago

Oh boy! Just when i thought they couldn't screw things more than they've already did.

A friend of mine is just trying to compile something like

thefile = fopen("my-file","r");
if (thefile != NULL) printf("did it ^_^\n");

and there, he gets a warning message from MSVC IDE (no idea which version) about "fopen" being deprecated. For security purpose, or so says the msdn.

"I beg you pardon? i thought fopen() was part of a _standard_ library ?" well, all MS coders are now supposed to write code using fopen_s and strcpy_s (which happens to look very much like strncpy(), but maybe that one wasn't standard enough to redmon's tastes).

"We are the blorg" they replied "resistance is futile". Then i turned back at my friends and shouted "run! run for your lives!"

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