Thursday, January 11, 2018

Engine Refactory

The Big Refactory has started (I could pretend it is a new-year resolution). And it even went pretty far, like abstracting away the animated objects list so that only the code for animated objects need to know details of the animation scheduler.

I was about to try changing the VRAM allocation system so that only classes deriving from using Resources could request items, and I got stuck in the animation editor.

Unlike SEDs and -to some extent- LEDs, AniMEDs still use a lot of global variables. Things like the sprite set or the animation being editted are used almost directly in many places, instead of being captured as "structural singletons". And at some places, it also means that we were calling Ressource Manager directly at top-level code, and that contradicts what a common base class can do.

There is one other peculiar thing about the animation editor: the set of pixels used in the game isn't uploaded to the video memory. Instead, we keep it in main memory, and only some bits of it go tothe VRAM through a Sprite sheet that map some sprite memory.  These sprite sheets are linked to a specific widget, such as the timeline or the frame preview. I must not try to make them part of a "model": they truly belong to the implementation of the widgets.

And yeah, although I have a digital sketchpad and an e-boox, I still enjoy some good paper and fine (erasable) pens for such things.

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