Monday, November 27, 2017

MMU9 write32 to undefined register 04001058h

While working on a solution to get-into-walls bug, I had a ugly alignment bug to fix. I have many debugging tool, but none was really helpful (once again), partly due to my lovely HUD that now takes the bottom of the screen...

InspectorWidget est en vacances,
iprintf en arrêt maladie,
ddd fait la grève du code optimisé,
Qui reste-t'il pour sauver la journée ?
Qui, sinon 0xbadb07 !

Ouaip, y'a une adresse-mémoire qui provoque un message sur le terminal quand l'émulateur la rencontre, avec la valeur posant problème, et même l'emplacement dans le programme. Alors j'ai rajouté comme un malpropre des accès direct à cette adresse pour envoyer un diagnostic d'erreur à travers le subespace de l'émulateur.
Du coup, je peux corriger mon code. Ciao.

And then i've seen that error message from desmume while launching the system: something in the boot code tries to write at some place where NDS documentation doesn't claim any register. A non-fatal condition. But that means I have a way to export a series of values as the program is running. Crude debugging, non-portable and likely to be broken at the next desmume update, but debugging nonetheless.

The fix is thus made. I can commit and go to the bathroom ^_^


PypeBros said... fixed.

PypeBros said...

bad luck: it doesn't seem to work with older (0.9.9) versions of desmume-cli :-/