Saturday, January 07, 2017

runMe is coming back

I got the most annoying bugs fixed, and in the "restructuring" branch, I'll also be able to use the same controllers/shooters state machine plug-ins for both runMe (the interactive playtest tool) and the final SchoolTest ROM.

I can choose between regular background and debug console output too. InspectorWidget, on the other hand, is messed up with some text. I'll be able to resume level design...

Avoir mon programme de chargement à nouveau opérationnel, c'est plutôt une bonne chose. Il est peu utile de faire progresser l'éditeur de niveaux -- ou de dessiner un nouveau niveau à la verticale -- si je dois à chaque fois transférer le niveau hors de la DS, recompiler tout et récupérer à nouveau le .nds sur la console pour faire le test... et c'est bien à ça que runMe me sert le plus: tenter un morceau de niveau avant de retourner dans l'éditeur, faute d'un mode "modification de la map en cours de jeu" qui serait indispensable pour un projet plus sérieux.

well as soon as I figure out why the level editor is stripping out all the dynamic objects. (not that it's so surprising, as the last thing I tried was to remove dynamic objects that were out of the level's boundaries).

There are other oddities linked to incomplete port to the latest devkitpro/devkitarm/libnds, imho, such as

  • [fixed] no sound playing in new builds of runMe
  • [fixed] no EFS found for SchoolTest
  • [workaround] everytime a level is loaded, 3D effect is zoomed out a bit more
  • [fixed] dying on the title screen leads to the game to stall on a blue screen.
  • [fixed] none of the runME control widget seems to be working once the game is running...

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