Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Game scripts todo list

Beside the current "moving ink" target, there are a number of things that don't (or no longer) satisfy me in the current School Zone prototype:

  • [now] One can land on a stunned blador, but can't walk on him.
  • [todo] 1/3-2/3 for the hero position on screen gives more room to anticipate, which is great when running, but a center position is nice when you have monsters all around you. Using the (R) shoulder to "look ahead" (direction-dependent) should be investigated.
  • [todo] the "chalk" gob is crying for being polished, both art and behaviour. Having the chalk-gob being the only thing able to break the chalk-tiles would likely be the best approach to avoid curious behaviour.
  • [done] when thrown in pencils, dumblador should stop slightly above "the ground".
  • [done] update maps make pencils spikes reacting to ennemies too.
  • [check] granted, we cannot attach or repell them, but can we allow line-up operations against BLOCKs ?
Ça comme à faire un peu trop de choses qui ont été testées mais qui n'ont pas vu leur potentiel pleinement réalisé et qui réduisent la qualité du prototype de la SchoolZone au lieu de l'augmenter. On voit que je ne fais plus assez souvent de démos auprès de mes collègues ^^".

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