Saturday, March 22, 2014


totally totem !
Commencer par les choses simples. C'est ce qui m'a permis de progresser en fin un peu sur le systèmes des plate-formes dans mon moteur de jeu, malgré des semaines bien remplies. L'objectif: permettre d'empiler des dumbladors l'un sur l'autre pour que plus tard, Bilou puisse lui aussi grimper sur un dumblador puis sur des objets qui bougent.

C'est un bon premier pas, même si dans l'immédiat, le taille-crayon du dessus ne se rend pas compte du "démarrage" de celui d'en-dessous, ce qui m'a permis de l'envoyer à son tour par-dessus le premier.

that was too much for one chunk.
At last, I've got one more step performed on the game engine. Too many times, I picked up my laptop after the kids when to bed to end up watching things on youtube or hunting for a new car. Somehow, getting at once into "Bilou riding some platform" was intimidating and I couldn't get things in place. When picking up my notes again this morning, I wanted to come back to small steps that can be chunked with a single tea cup. How about having Bilou able to stand on a stunned blador and call it a milestone ? As I started converting blador.cmd into the new cpp-assisted format, it turned out that I could get something even simpler to check the bare mechanisms: having stunned blador stacked onto each others. Well, tonight it's done.

Oh, and I'm afraid you'll have to wait somewhat for my "Critical Link" series comparing the gameplay of 2D Zelda games: my scanner has apparently entered the dark world of non-functioning appliances.
PS: it's easy to explain the fact that the "stacked" blador stays in place: I was missing the "attach to path" statement. More annoying: the new GameObject::ride() method was built under the assumption that Gob's movement in (dx,dy) would be consumed, which is not the case with dumblador's stepped movement.

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