Sunday, July 22, 2012


Je vous disais que l'animation de Bilou avait été fortement inspirée par Fury of the Furries ... Ça m'a donc semblé normal d'utiliser le "roulé-boulé-en-l'air" comme cas de test des "animations de transitions". Entre "je tombe" et "j'ai rebondi", par exemple.
Après avoir dessiné quelques sprites de plus pour Bilou lui-même, je me suis retrouvé tout bête dans AnimEDS: pas moyen d'avoir les pieds de Bilou qui passent devant puis derrière son corps, vu que l'ordre d'affichage reste fixe.

Bilou has Sonic and Fury-of-the-Furries influences, and one of them is rolling in the air. I wanted to use that as a test for transanims, and I started pixel'ing more rolling frame for Bilou's body. But when I opened AnimEDS to convert it into a full-blown animation, I just went ^^" : it's notwasn't built for animations where the relative order of limbs change over time. In short, the order you add limbs in the 'skeletton' also define which limbs obscures which other one. To do a roll, Bilou's feet need to be shown in front of his body in some frame, and behind his body on other frames. That just was impossible before AnimEDS revision 999 which features a "pull" button that let some limbs belong to a "second pass" rendering.

Bon, maintenant, il faut que je trouve le moyen de faire ça *aussi* dans le moteur de jeu.

The trick is easy to do in the animation editor: I can just use hardware OAM priorities and set ATTR2_PRIORITY(0) on those limbs that are on the "pulled layer". Unfortunately, that won't work in the game engine. I could end up with some limbs randomly appearing in secret passages or with other limbs randomly disapperaring when moving in front of complex background elements. The only viable option here is to re-order limbs in the Engine::sprites[] array. Let's see which is the best way to do it ...

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PypeBros said...

- mask2list() that converts 01001 into 'ADBCE'
- deltapos(char,from,to) that says 'D has moved to front between 'ADBCE' and 'ABCDE'
- the game engine needs the list of indices up to max(i) deltapos(i,from,to)<0

- max(i) deltapos(i,'ABCDE',now)<0 indicates which of now should be used to set bits in the pullmask when reading for the editor.