Friday, August 12, 2011

Stacking Troubles

Fix a bug, another appear. Does that sound any familiar ? I had to reorganise the "window" that constitute my animation editor, so that I would no longer miss some data while saving my work. Those "windows" are widgets container that you can stack over each other. When the GUI engine needs to deliver an event, it starts trying to give it to the top-level window and digs deeper until one of the window has one widget that can process e.g. the click.

The reorganisation consisted of introducing the ThumbWindow (see snapshot) below the FileWindow, so that one can control the slot where an animation should be saved while he's building new skelettons and making "save animation to slot" a natural operation when you're on the road to save to a file.

at first, it seemed to work fine, unless I realised that a single click on any of the limbs or sprite tables disabled all the actions on the "bottom screen" widget. I had overlooked the fact that two of my widgets on the bottom screen (the tables) were actually not part of the "FileWindow", but something laying on the main (application-wide) MetaWindow (in red), so that they could be shared by both file storage and animation edition activities.
Unfortunately, because MetaWindow is the lowest layer of the software, it were obscured by the screen-wide "SpriteTable" that contains all the thumbs. No way to go through. Of course, this is ridiculous: those thumbs are not on the touch screen so they shouldn't be receiving any stylus-based event ... but well, they are. For some odd (historical?-) reason, the GuiEngine ignores facts as trivial as "the top window is a DownWindow, so any UpWindow in the stack shouldn't receive GUI_CLICKED". Hopefully, it features an "active" flag that windows can set and clear to indicate their will to receive/ignore such events. It's to the application author (me ^^") to ensure Window::release() and Window::restore() update this flag accordingly to the desired effect. ... which is now done.

Now, if you don't mind, I have a staircase to polish.

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