Monday, February 09, 2009

Scripting Sunday

Didn't quite got as far as i hoped in my "coding sunday", so it has rather be a "scripting - and - guru - meditation" sunday instead. Most has been done through state machine scripts or within Sprite/Level editor on the DS ... but some code will have to change. I cannot keep Bilou walking through walls or in the sky, can I ?

C'était un dimanche bien rempli donc, même si je n'ai pas vraiment coder autant que je l'avais prévu. Entre le bricolage de la machine d'état qui gère Bilou, les nouvelles animations et la construction d'un premier "niveau démo" avec les tiles que j'ai dessiné pendant l'année 2008. Pourtant, il faudra que j'y passe. Il y a quelque-chose de fondamentalement foireux dans le couplage "animation/déplacement" qui permet à Bilou de marcher à travers les murs ou dans le ciel ^^"

  • got the GameScript understand multi-set spritesheets (with one set for tiles and one for monsters all in the same file)
  • got Bilou walking animation done
  • bilou walks up/right, jumps and fall
  • sketched a little level for those new tiles i've been working on in 2008 ^_^
  • figured out that i'm still missing *many* tiles and a lot other tiles are unusable ^^"
  • fixed so weird memory things in libntxm, but i still have data corruption happening. Maybe a checksum of some internal arrays will help ... or replacing arrays with std::vectors somewhere ...
  • had fun with sprites on "mid" layer. Bilou can now hide within tree, so can woodworms :P
  • STill to do:
    • [done] testpoints should be checked at every frame, not just when the animation loops
    • [done] moving Bilou through the animation isn't the right way to go. Maybe "delay x" in the animation sequence to have the next frame triggered only when we move to the next pixel would be better.
    • [done] check my own code for things that might corrupt libntxm's internal state. (identified some memory leaks, but no buffer overflows or double-frees)
    • make sure we can see Bilou's feet on grass
    • [doc] let animated blocks work with "extra tilesheets"rather than copying sheets "as needed".
    • [done, leds] ignore extra sheets in the level editor (rather than just showing empty sheets)

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