Thursday, November 19, 2009

November Checkpoint

I see coming another Square of Time where all i'll be able to do is small step improvements. Working on the "remaining 10%" and so on. So here's the "achievements" that happened lately.

  • Dynamic Sprite Priorities is implemented and tested.
  • fixed a nasty memory error (bad_alloc thrown) that occured on level loading in runme
  • provided a "action-step-report" system that keeps "logs" unprinted until something "goes wrong", in which case it can dump the whole history of the failed action.
  • fixed the "push-tiles-across-layer" option of the level editor.
  • "prev / next" buttons in the level editor now skip spritesheets (and thus only show tiles)
  • Odd-bonuses obviously had a dormant bug. fixed clearblock().
Bion, j'ai plein de chose à faire dans la maison, donc le tir d'étoiles, assomer les pommes pour les porter "façon koopa shell" et tout ça, ce sera pour plus tard. Je me contente de "petits pas". Voici les quelques dernières choses sur lesquelles je me suis attelé.

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