Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pixelation : le forum

Vous vous souvenez de mon analyse du site web de Dan "indigo art" ?

Bin je suis (re)tombé il n'y a pas si longtemps
sur un forum où lui et pas mal d'autres artistes du pixel s'échangent tuyaux et critiques...

J'en ai extrait un petit bout de forêt en cours de construction pour voir si je saurais faire des beaux arbres dans ce style à l'arrière plan de Bilou...

(au passage, le trou d'eau fait Another World, vous ne trouvez pas?)

Image originale de "Jad"

One of the first things worth of note with pixel artist is how much they care about the colors they're using. It's common to see them working with 16 colors for a game mockup ... sometimes even less. And i have to admit that it's indeed usually more efficient for pixel art to have a restricted palette with "good" colors than an unrestricted 24-bit RGB mode.
Watching their discussion, i think i finally found out the secret of proper color selection: it's called HSV. Forget about your HTML #rrggbb values and think of saturation and value.

While some of them are building "generic" palettes of 16 colors (enhanced C64, anyone?), the most common approach for pixel art is to build your colour as if you were a painter. Base tones, that have rather low-saturations feature browns, greyish blues and greens and ocres that you should use first to sketch what you're doing ...

On those "base tones", you'll then add detail with more saturated and lighter colors (highlights) such as the deep green '3caad4' on Jad's tree or light green, etc.


cyborgjeff said...

très beau.. c'est utilisé dans un jeu ??

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