Saturday, July 23, 2016

speed-up letters ?

One of the last things I need to add in Bilou: School Rush is meaning for the collectible letters. I have plan to let the player use them in a sort of shop, but I also acknowledge Kirby Kid when he says it is a shame they aren't encouraging the player to play well, but rather to slow down, grab them, and then keep moving.

It's been a few month I'm growing the idea to use a special type of letter for speed runners (e.g. ok, you won't be able to get all the bonuses in normal or hard mode, but can you get at least all the Rs ?). That would keep the game challenging for people who play it for the challenge and nice and friendly for kids toying around in easy mode.

Then I came with a nice function those letters could have. What if every time you hit an R, it would boost your speed by e.g. 10% ?

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