Saturday, October 10, 2015

School Rush Story

Bon, mon jeu n'a pas la reconnaissance de Rick Dangerous, mais il y a une ressemblance amusante avec les croquis de Simon Phipps.

The idea of "turning off the ink" starts to get real. With some details on the level design, I hope to be able to explain "why is there so many ink here", and "what happened to turn something normal into something dangerous. Time for some more Pixel art ...

edit: Got fair art drawn, but unfortunately, I'm using the few 16 colors (same as the inkjets), which happen to be trashed by the background art in the current code. There is no good reason for this to happen, given that we have now extended palettes (16*256 colors for every individual plane). I'll have some code-digging and potenially refactory time ahead.

Edit: ok. Cork switch closes the level. It doesn't let you see ink draining away from the pipe, though.

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