Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time to fix things.

After graphically resolving dependencies between my huge list of todo items, I attacked with usability issues in RunMe. I trashed a couple of evening on long-lasting bugs (although pathetically trivial >_<) in InspectorWidget and adjusted further the areas reporting so that I can follow which one is active when. That way -- and with another fix on AnimEDS -- I can check that flashing hitboxes needed to improve GRAB animations work fine.

There is also a curious asymmetry in the "GRAB" states. Just having left-facing GRAB react "on dpad" prevents the animation to run to completion. Indeed, the button will appear to be released (triggering a "dpad" event) a few frames after it was pressed (as a result of the mechanic allowing for precise jumps). Better seems to be Good's archenemy.

I've got an on-going experiment that allow beaming only "tiles" or "animations" or "sprites" (...) of a .spr file, in an attempt to work around limited reliability of WiFi transfers for increasingly large files from the DS... It's not very convincing so far.

Oh, and compared to June, Inspector widget has improved. I can expand/shrink behaviour controllers, set breakpoints on their events, and touching left/right "monster area" change the "suspect" in the GOBs list (only selecting those that are active, iirc).

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