Thursday, January 15, 2015

Le bon tempo

J'essaie de rendre les manipulations de taille-crayons plus dynamiques. Quelque-chose qui soit plus adapté au gameplay du "school rush" ...

Compared to "Anniversary Level", the tempo of the game has quite evolved. Current animation of Bilou grabbing something on the ground with his eyes going "whoo! Look what we've got here" doesn't fit the action anymore. With the ink rising and pushing pressure, having to stop on a blador to GRAB it is a pain. It would be neat if we had the opportunity to grab it on the fly, just after we stunned it. That the best I can think of to "make things snappy".

J'utilise la nouvelle fonction "édition des zones de contact dans AnimEditor", mais ça n'a pas encore l'air très au point ... entre les dumbladors qui s'envolent quand je tente de les ramasser, les animations qui s'interrompent prématurément et les éponges qui glissent des mains de Bilou. Ce serait sans doute une bonne idée de prévoir une amélioration de l'InspectorWidget pour permettre de visualiser ces changements de zones de contact.

Yet, things are not quite working as expected

  • [done] Bilou may stomp-and-grab a dumblador in one jump
  • [done] why is left-grab not playing ?
  • [wish!] how could I end up with an editor that damages animation when opening them ? I need unit testing here.
  • [done] bladors should skyrocket when I try to grab them.
  • [todo] why do I have anims with over 10 'control: done' statements ?
  • [done] make sure InspectorWidget can report areas masking.
  • [done] do not flash colors when holding L in InspectorWidget, please.
  • [think] export over WiFi has become too complicated. Plan a multi-connection approach
Unrelated (except for timing) todo items:
  • [done] allow meta-information about tiles (rules.gam) to sit in a separate file, included by level scripts.
  • [todo] allow spawn point (and possibly spawned GOBs) to be modulated by some global game variable (checkpoints, difficulty settings, etc.)
  • [think] a simple map editor for PC would be better suited to those "surgical edits" required in current development cycle. That or easier-to-upgrade runME with the cycle moving back to DS device.
  • [done] print and deep-review todo items to establish battle plan for 2015.

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