Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ink Swamp Worm

The ink swamp worm
Now *this* is looking better. It tooks two "masters" (one to the left, the other to the right) to ensure that I have a chain of wavelets GOB looking still, and looking to occupy the whole level. I will definitely need a wider GOB for the wavelet so that the spawn rate is enough to cover the screen even when the camera accelerates, and I'll need to investigate the camera offsets (currently, some values curiously refuse to work). But at least I get spawning and termination of wavelets as expected.

Hmm. J'aime mieux ça ^_^ Un "maître" de chaque côté, qui s'assure qu'il n'y ait plus de vagues à une extrémité et qui en génère une nouvelle s'il n'y en a pas au-dessus de lui. Il me restera des règlages avant que ça n'ait une belle tête de mer d'encre, mais on s'approche de l'objectif.
Il faudra aussi que je trouve un moyen d'arrêter la montée implacable de cette encre, au fait ^^"

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@SonicPhysics said...

Did you know that in Sonic 2's Oil Ocean Zone, a hidden platform follows you throughout the entire zone, waiting for you to fall into the oil in order to slowly lower you to your death.