Thursday, December 06, 2012

Games of Thrown

1MB. throwing in action ...
mises à jour du moteur de jeu terminées: on peut ramasser et lancer des Dumbladors ... puis les re-ramasser et les lancer de nouveau. Enfin, toujours dans la même direction, je le crains, mais lancer quand-même.
Je vais pouvoir passer à l'implémentation des inkjets, du coup ^_^b

PS: attendez-vous à un ralentissement brutal et imprévu du rythme des messages de ce blog dans le courant du mois: *deline attend son petit frère j.l.n mi-janvier.

The game engine now supports throwing of bladors. Pick it up, throw it, repeat. Many things could still be refined including
  • [done] having feet really hidden during the stunned animation.
  • [drawn] having the bouncing feet looking like feet
  • [done]allow the engine to shoot compound gobs too (new feet anim)
  • [done] allow runMe to launch the level as well.
  • [done] avoid one-way platform to corrupt behaviour of bouncing feet
  • [done] throw in both direction, and just drop if you feel so.
  • [wish] blador can stun baddies (and Bilou ?) while falling
  • [done] fix the map
  • [done] use dynamic palette assignment and get rid of those "crosses" marking Bilou feets in jump animations
  • [done] areas that can trigger only one other GOB (or a single foot can be consumed by 2 dumbladors simultaneously)
  • [wish] climb on stunned bladors, but still walk through them. 
  • [done] multi-color that works in runMe too.
  • [done] make sure we restart the level if killed, with colours.
  • [done] allow bladors to recover next to walls.
  • [done] Blador recovers when 2 feet have touched it.
I'll do my best to get all that sorted out quickly so that I could offer the world a new playable demo for Christmas. Earlier arrival of lil'sson could force me to tolerate some imperfections in that release, though.


PypeBros said...

"error: failed to push some refs to 'martin@beetle:/beetle/hobby/DS/DATA.git'
To prevent you from losing history, non-fast-forward updates were rejected
Merge the remote changes before pushing again. See the 'Note about
fast-forwards' section of 'git push --help' for details."
pype/DATA> which git
that's not gonna help ...

PypeBros said...

Note: la palette à utiliser est déjà encodée dans chaque I_SPRNO de l'animation. Le moteur de jeu est donc prêt pour les "dynamic palette assignment"

cyril said...

t'as essayé gitk pour le troubleshooting ?

ou le rebasing pour forcer une branche locale à provenir d'un *autre* point de synchronisation.