Sunday, March 04, 2012


Well, I owe sepcot a drink for his tutorial on "how to merge a Svn branch back in the trunk". Oh, sure, I could have dug the official documentation and find out by myself... in a few weeks. It's now achieved, and afaik, AppleAssault still works. Why is it of any relevance ? because runme is sticked on the trunk and that runme with the new engine means I'm able to prototype new monsters, new levels and such ... something the school zone will definitely appreciate ^_^

Grand merci à sepcot pour son tuto. Mes déviations "moteur de collisions" et "moteur d'animation" sont maintenant intégrées sur le "tronc" de développement, là où se trouve également runme, qui intègre transfers wifi, lancement des éditeurs et petit moteur de jeu pour le prototypage rapide pendant le temps de midi. On va pouvoir attaquer la school zone plus sérieusement ^_^ A commencer par un dumblador qui marche ...

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PypeBros said...

mybranch/: svn log --stop-on-copy
# that will give you revision xxxx

trunk/: svn up
# that will give you revision yyyy

trunk/: svn merge -rXXXX:YYYY svn+ssh://server/path/to/branch/myBranch
# you may need to fix some conflicts here

trunk/: svn ci -m "MERGE myProject myBranch [XXXX]:[YYYY] into trunk"
# that's just a convenient text message :P