Saturday, December 30, 2017

SchoolRush NY2018 New Year Everyone. I've got a new build of SchoolRush uploaded. Hope you'll enjoy it. For those of you who mastered the game, you'll discover the credits level and the hint towards the secret, vertical level that I've been working on half this year.

Prêts pour la nouvelle année ? Voici une version de Bilou: School Rush avec un niveau secret terminé, des images de chargement qui racontent l'histoire du jeu, la séquence de crédits ... Et pour ceux qui n'arriveraient pas encore jusque là, deux modifications qui rendent le jeu moins impitoyables: on peut "nager" hors de l'encre (encore faut-il pouvoir trouver une plate-forme où atterrir) et on grimpe automatiquement dans les encriers quand on tombe dessus, même si on tenait un taille-crayon entre les mains.

For everyone, you'll enjoy the "swim up for your live" mechanics that will let you go forward even if you missed a jump and fell into the ink. Well, you cannot recover *every* missed jump that way, but it's already much more forgiving than it used to be.

You'll also enjoy how jumping into an Inkjet now automatically let you in, dropping the Dumb Blador you're carrying, if any.

Story and gameplay migrated to latest release post
how to play
Get the .NDS image and play it on your homebrew-ready console or in an emulator, such as DeSmuME. See latest post if you need extra explanation/instructions for running homebrews.


Rayteoactive said...

I think kids would love to play this game. Reminds me of chip and Dale on NES. I imagine it to do well for switch though.

CastPixel said...

j'aime Bilou, played it a while ago! Such a BD aesthetic <3 And I love your gamedev notes on platformers!

Lobo said...

Alright, played both games on AK2 yesterday and today and its very impressive, gfx/music and controls, very smooth. I'm not too good with platformers anymore frankly tho I did get to level 2 in school rush. The only thing in school rush is the lack of energy bar of the sort, can't tell how long I have to live and perhaps, when you're hit to give it like a 1-2 seconds invulnerability to pass the enemies which are too close to you, otherwise they keep hurting you as it is now (if they're too close you are trapped basically). But, yeah, all in all very cool games.