Saturday, June 03, 2017

School Rush update

At last, here comes an update on School Rush. Still featuring the 4 levels from last year, but with improved gameplay (especially through slightly increased gravity), improved game feel and a starting level that is more fair. I dub it "splashed" release because most of these changes were suggested by the author of Splashers ;-)

Voici enfin une mise à jour pour School Rush. Toujours les même 4 niveaux que la fois dernière, mais avec un gameplay amélioré, plus de petites animations sur les objets interactifs (gommes et bonus) et un premier niveau plus accessible même en mode normal. Et vu que la grande majorité de tout ça m'a été recommandé par l'auteur de Splashers, je baptise cette release "splashed" ^_^

(gameplay and story migrated to latest release

How to play

Get the NDS image and play it on your homebrew-ready console or in an emulator, such as DeSmuME. See this page if you need extra explanation/instructions for running homebrews.

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