Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Here we are. I got something that can be released. I got bugs fixed to a point that the new codebase can be played for some time without crashing. The thing is, I completely lost track of what are the improvement since the last one.

I beleive there is hanging-to-spongebops, double-B to punch baddies vs. Single-B that always picks up. There is throw-in-all-directions (well, almost all directions). There are droplets.
I'm afraid you'll start the game at the end of the last level ... but that's not that an issue, since you'll resume the game at level 1 as soon as you found how to trigger the end of the level. Let's say it will be sort of a live test.

Here you are:

I hope I'll be able to have fast level-reload in the next release.

Pfiouh. Je crois bien que j'ai à nouveau une version qui tourne. ça a été tellement laborieux que je ne sais même plus ce qu'il y a de nouveau.

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