Thursday, August 08, 2013

RunME needs a fix.

Mid-summer has been fairily hostile to game/tool development, unfortunately... I'm stuck on level editor progress because I can't easily ensure levels I edit are working properly, as RunME struggle to launch them. The best I could do while *deline was exploring the joy of the sea-side was some documentation of RunME so that the following fixes could be performed:
  • [done] file/directory selection information should get its own space on top-screen
  • [done] not only the FILE*, but also the extension name (file type) should be accesible from the L+A launcher button.
  • [done] beam-in files in the last directory used for beam-out.  [todo] currently, only typing a new mask on the "alphanum keypad" will activate that directory.
  • [todo] buttons (SEDS/edit) shouldn't overlap.
  • [todo] ensure we can move back to SEDS/LEDS/download mode at all time.
  • [done] don't try connecting when there's no sink on a given slot
  • allow beam-out to be cancelled.
  • [wish] global_connectAP and wfcWindow::autoconnect should belong to WiFi widget. 
  • [done] IP address and [wish] SSID shown on the top screen once the connection is established.
  • [wish] allow .spr files to become autoexec.spr even though they're too large to fit our 256K buffer.  
  • [todo] spritesheet loaded with L+A in RAM should be able to display their colours, despite the "extra palettes" setup.
  • [done] a way to try again the WFC connection settings from the "access point selection" list, as they may contain WEP keys, too.
  • [wish] enter WEP key in AP selection list.  
  • [wish] use flag if "clicking on other screen's button" is a bug rather than a feature.
^ UI/transfers -- level running v
  • [done] fix the 'unregister XFER' loop bug.
  • [done] proper cleanup when 'returning' to beaming activities from a test.
  • [todo] avoid InspectorWidget/LoadingWindow interference (active areas not reacting anymore, beam-in offers cluttering the display)
  • [done] report hero/ennemy/none class in InspectorWidget.
  • [todo] control log display, clear and end-of-test from Inpector widget. 
  • [think] special InspectorWidget display mode on (breakpoint collision), showing both colliding GOBs' state *before evaluation occurs*, with the ability to step to the next frame (after collision occurs)
  • [done] double-check .spr and .xm loading support: no jamming allowed.
  • [fix?] how could die() end up showing blank screens (when leaving the running game)?
That makes a NeoCompo entry very unlikely this year, unfortunately.
But at least, it gave me time to sit down and think about what mechanics could nicely complement JUMP in the full-blown adventure game.

post-trauma-edit: I just picked Surt's tileset I used for LEDS release 0.1 with the hope that I could use it to prepare a "tutorial map" and ship LEDS for NeoCompo ... result? I quite certainly screwed'up my (and will have to recover it from some git) with parts of the tuto map because I hadn't changed *that* filename in "tuto.cmd" ...
When I tried to save back the map under "", the map got all cleared ... Unfortunately, LEDS is not ready for shipping to the world and an extended 4-days week-end won't help even though I'd decide to invest all those free hours in a compo rush, I'm afraid.


PypeBros said...

on beetle, runme seems unable to enable WiFi !?

6c77eea6d1a267cd5a7ae45734060726 arm9/data/bootstub.bin
f7bfde71a822482a5c788984c7acf3f3 arm9/data/load.bin

PypeBros said...

no. r1211 built & boots properly.

PypeBros said...

narrowed down to "1240 broken, 1237 works, even with 1240's wifidget.cpp"