Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AnimEDS at Neoflash Compo

For the second time, I'm entering the "Neo Coding compo", with latest versions of AnimEDS and SEDS, with in-app help for almost all the operations. I had first some hope, as there weren't that much "good" (imho) applications submitted until Smealum (arsenal) nuked me with his FPSMaker ...

Un badge, des messages d'aide, un personnage moustachu en salopette dans un .spr (à la place de Badman), et voilà AnimEDS (et SEDS) prêts pour la compétition de "rétro-coding" de Neoflash. Cette année, c'est "toutes machines confondues", avec un sérieux regain d'intérêt pour les participants, même si je n'ai pas vu côté DS de production à la hauteur des jeux qui avaient brisé les espoirs de Apple Assault en 2010. Si je devais donner un pronostic, je parierais sur la victoire du FPSMaker dans la catégorie "Applications" (également sur DS).

Anyway, although I made the effort of having the compo badge shown in my entry this year, winning some prize is not my main motivation: I want to take the opportunity of many people blowing dust away from their handheld console and downloading homebrews to get more feedback about the user interface and how to make things more "user friendly". 10/15 blog readers have voted for that in the app/game poll that ends by friday ... but for that I'll need to know what people think and expect from my apps.


Anonymous said...

The App division, total 11 entries No.1 [NDS App] FPS Maker By smealum
No.2 [NDS App] AnimEDS: Animation Editor for DS By PypeBros
No.3 [N64 App] ControllerTest By sanni

PypeBros said...

-> 10$ to support Wikipedia
-> 10$ to support Trudbol a capella artist
-> 60€ for a backup DS Lite thingy.