Sunday, November 18, 2018

Finishing School Rush ...

Bon, après une série de pépins sur la voiture, c'est visiblement à la maison d'y aller avec ses revendications d'entretiens. Le lave-vaisselle, l'aspirateur, même le porte-manteaux. On se croirait dans l'intro d'une video de la développeuse du dimanche!
Avec tout ça, j'ai un peu du mal à me souvenir en fin de journée si j'ai des choses en attente pour finir school Rush ou non. Donc, retour de la todo-list.

  • [done] provide a TypeName widget that do not require users training
  • [done] only let the players enter their name when they beat some high score.
  • [unneeded, but done anyway] sleepy eraser
  • [done] preload "forever heroes" with SD card file
  • [done] do something useful with the pointing hand.
  • [done] Save new scores [on demand].
These are the things that are still pending to get the final build of School Rush, iirc. I've started converting some 'todo' items into 'newfeatures' (to be addressed out of the 'finish that game' track) because the 'todo' tag was starting to be quite unhelpful.
on the other hand, maybe it isn't that wise to think about starting to edit code on evenings where I feel too tired to remember what are the things that still need my attention before the final School Rush release...

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